IT strategy keeping you up at night?

Adigo TSM (Technology Strategy Management) allows you to focus on your business and know with confidence that your technology decisions are taken care of. Researching, evaluating, and performance testing different technology solutions is a lengthy and tedious process. Adigo TSM’s primary focus is to be agnostic in our research of the numerous options available and decide on the right technology solution for your needs.

Adigo Solutions can assist you with most technology projects.  If you need situational assessments, project management, or “cradle to grave” involvement, we will provide the IT resources you need to insure your success. Please contact us for assistance with any of the following technologies:

– Cloud Hosting
– Hybrid Hosting
– Backup as a service (BaaS)
– Software as a service (SaaS)
– Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
– Platform as a service (PaaS)
– Video monitoring as a service (Vaas)
– Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

– Migration services from Onsite to hosted solutions
– Integration Services
– Hosted VoIP management
– Connectivity and Managed networks
– Desktop Support /Service Desk / Help Desk
– Accounting Systems
– Cabling Infrastructure
– Web Development & SEO

In need of an IT solution?